The history of Steampunk & Victorian Corsets Marketing (case study)

Steampunk corsets (now available at Top Tier Style) are the ultimate deal of raw fashion, able to compliment any form of dressing while guaranteeing glitz and glamour in this dynamic world of fashion. They come in a wide array of sizes and design, perfect for any lady wanting to have that extra factor of fashion. Expect to see steampunk corsets in a distinct variety of leather and leather-look, rivets, studs, and buckles. Steampunk corsets have extensively been used in live action role play events but are now finding their way into the mainstream. They are becoming a common phenomenon in many fashion catwalks and especially so in streets and clubs. Steampunk corset is getting much attention in this day and age of fashion due to their ability of perfectly combining the old world charm and the vibrant young ideas. Steampunk corsets are always sure to guarantee that sexy and strong kind of looking when worn with other rhyming designs of dressing. They are usually guaranteed to kick as much butt as possible in women as in male counterparts. Regardless of one’s size, steampunk corsets come both in underbust waist cincher and the overbust.


The steampunk underbust corset waist cincher is one of the flattering candy patterns that anyone who pays close attention to fashion ought to have. It is available with dark brown brocade panels with two striped versions. Its three front decorative straps with an antique finish buckles essentially make it stand out with an opening zipper. If you are a Novice in wearing corsets then it is usually advisable to start with an underbust waist/waist cincher, just to get a feel of how a steel boned corset feels on your body. As you become more and more used to the feel of the underbust style, you can upgrade to the over bust corset and then maybe even upgrade further to the optional spiral steel boning. That’s the boning that really has a lot of staying power and can pull your waist in by many inches and keep it there. These are all exceptionally well-made corsets.

Choosing your steampunk corset wisely: The type of steampunk corset to be worn depends on the occasion and the weather conditions. For harsher weather conditions it is usually good to stay clear of extremely beaded and sequined corset. Over burst model corsets might present a challenge when worn in hot or muggy temperatures. An under burst steampunk waist cincher is the way to go in warmer weather. All these steampunk corsets look great with long flowing skirts, ideal in all weathers.

Men’s Steampunk clothing is paying tribute to this golden age where craftsmanship and luxury was the name of the game. Steampunk clothes for men might be created from denim with a chain and magnifying glass for detail. But you might at the same time find the same style for women accentuating the shape of the body with tight laces on corsets and jackets.

You may find it interesting to investigate adding some men’s Steampunk clothing to your wardrobe along with accessories to go along with it. Gothic Cross buckles for belts and ominous charms for mobile phones are all part of the look. Women are generally drawn to satin gloves that are long and luxurious as well as net fascinator’s hairbands.


With this information, you will surely be able to deck yourself out to the nines, and have everyone else trying to mimic your look. Who needs celebrities when they have the real thing right there in front of them, living and breathing and sporting really cool looks?


This type of corset is designed to display the fantasy and style of the people. Steampunk corsets are sexy and enhance the visual appearance of a person. There are different ways by which women support their bosoms and provide them proper shape. Corset became an alternative and it is liked till today. Women want to enhance their figure by tightly wrapping their bosom and minimizing the waist. They want to emphasize their bust and hips. Corsets create discomfort for some women but they have learnt to manage with it. Now, the manufacturers also know the needs of the people and they have started using a simple and soft material for making for corsets. Basically, a steampunk corset refers to Victorian style clothing. Steampunk culture is growing rapidly in the western world. You can choose a role of an adventurer, inventor, explorer or an aristocrat to wear Victorian style of clothing. You can choose any colour. The accessories that you can use along with the clothing are goggles and a pocket watch. You can also use brass instruments to get a complete look of Victorian style. You can also keep a revolver or a pistol to enhance your appearance.


Headgear is an important symbol that represents steampunkish look. You can also wear coloured socks matching with the colour of your steampunk corset. You can choose stripes, diamonds, checkers or any other design. Never use socks with bunnies or other cartoon characters. Steampunk corsets are a big part of the world of glamour. You can see people wearing this type of corset in books, novels, films, TV programs, etc. Steampunk corsets are available in online stores in different designs and style. It is available in different kinds of leather. It is available in faux leather steel boned quality, waist cinchier and underbust. Steampunk style corsets are available in fabulous designs and women can wear skirts or gowns along with to enhance the beauty.


Women dress up freely to create the Victorian impression. Corset is the most important outfit for women. You can use corset under any other outfit to give an impression of steampunk. You can use a short skirt to look like traditional Victorian women. You can also wear suitable jewellery to look like a Victorian style woman.