Where to get quality eCommerce SEO Services for your business

TopHatRank is a premier online brand awareness agency that provides SEO for eCommerce sites, no matter the type of business that you’re operating we are always available to work with you. Since launching in 2009, we’ve been promoting eCommerce companies to the digital market, and have gained the necessary experience to know what SEO marketing techniques work best for each online business.

We are confident to provide you timely and measurable results that you can rely on to take your business to the next level. Other benefits of working with us include:-

a)No contractual obligations. We don’t sign any binding agreements with our customers, but instead work on a month to month basis.
b)Made in America. All our e-commerce seo services are rendered within the United States, and nothing is outsourced outside the country.
c)Official Google Partner. Being a certified Google Partner gives us certain privileges in online marketing, which we can use to gain your business more presence on the search engine.
d)24/7 availability. Our website is always open 24/7 to receive requests from businesses that need SEO for eCommerce sites.
e)97pct retention of customers. Most customers who use our services come back to us again and again, while some even recommend their friends and peers to us for quality eCommerce SEO services.


How can we help you?

Our online brand awareness service is categorized into 2 phases that include; SEO eCommerce audits, consultation and research as well as brand building, content advertising and conversion rate optimization. Typically, each phase features its own distinct key performance indicators (KPI) which allow you to optimize your website, while also showing you what techniques are working and those that are not.


I)eCommerce SEO Audits

As an agency, we always take our time to ensure that your website is ready for SEO marketing before delving into it. This means undertaking a complete technical SEO review of your eCommerce portal, for purposes of detecting and fixing any on-page SEO inconsistencies that may prevent your website from being ranked in the top pages of search engines. Some of the technical issues we can fix include; Meta Complications, Content Issues, Link Problems and Semantic Issues among others.

When it comes to eCommerce Marketing Research, we can help determine your specific target audiences and their search preferences when browsing for your products through the internet. By doing this review, we can better understand the kind of queries being done by searchers who want to make an informed purchasing decision.


II)eCommerce brand building, conversion rate optimization and content marketing

In this stage, our focus would be on designing the best optimization strategy for increasing your business site’s overall online presence, which helps in getting higher page positions for relevant keywords and therefore driving targeted traffic to your webpage.

Once your e-commerce portal is fully optimized and meets the industry’s best practices meaning it’s ready for promotion, our team of SEO marketing experts will work towards increasing rankings and generating referrals by doing content development, building brand awareness, keyword rank monitoring and e-commerce conversion tracking among other relevant activities.

For more information about our eCommerce SEO services, contact us today through email for consultation. You can also give us a call through our official phone numbers and we’ll be glad to hear from you.