Work Trousers With Knee Pads Review

A good pair of work trousers goes a long way and people in a wide range of different jobs will be sure to find them invaluable. Work trousers with knee pads will give you that extra layer of comfort and protection and trust me you will notice the difference.

You’d be surprised how many different jobs require you to kneel down every so often, mechanics, cleaners, engineers, carpenters and much more won’t just be walking from place to place you’ll have to crouch, kneel, crawl and much more in the course of your job.

Which is why investing in a good pair of work trousers with knee pads is sure to come in handy. But like all good things, there is not just one type of trousers to buy is there? Below, I’ve done some mini-reviews for some of the best work trousers with knee pads available today to help you work out which is best for you.


Dickies Everyday Workwear Trouser – From Dickies Workwear

Workwear trousers that actually look stylish and fashionable? Yes, it’s more likely than you’d think and this great pair of two-tone workwear trousers with knee pads from Dickies Workwear are a great example. The knees pads are a little larger as well which means you get all the protection you could need while at work.


Mascot Workwear Trousers – From MI Supplies

These workwear trousers might have a higher price tag than some alternatives but they come packed with extra features. They have triple stitched seams, a low waist, adjustable holster, tool straps, and reinforced pockets. The knee pads are just as impressive as well and like the pockets, they are also reinforced for extra strength and support. They have also been specially designed to prevent them from collecting dirt.


Tuff Stuff Excel Work Trousers – From Best Workwear

These are a great choice for someone looking for a good allrounder pair of work trousers. They have a reasonable price tag and while they might not have some of the luxury extras you get in more expensive pairs of workwear trousers they still pack plenty of features. The knee pads themselves offer great padding and comfort and there are multiple pockets for safe storage.


Result Work-Guard Holster Trousers – From Simon Jersey

These work trousers by Simon Jersey certainly have an eye-catching look but I’ am happy to report they offer plenty on top of that as well. Strength and durability are the main focus of these work trousers and they feature scuff-resistant materials and reinforced pockets and knee pads. There are also multiple pockets to suit all kinds of uses so if you want a more versatile and flexible pair of work trousers these are perfect for you.


Portwest Urban Holster Work Trousers – GS Workwear  

Rugged and certainly very strong these work trousers offer everything you could need for a very fair price! They have an adjustable leg length, triple stitched seams, extra leg pockets and more uniquely shaped knee pads for a more protective and comfortable fit. With all the basics covered and some nice extras, these work pants are sure to be a good choice.


Portwest Texo Hi-Vis Trousers – From Hall-Fast Industrial Supplies

Sometimes you need the extra illumination offered by hi-vis clothing along with the protection of knee pads, don’t you? For jobs like that these hi-vis trousers from Portwest are a perfect choice, they might not be the most fashionable option but they offer everything else you could need. This includes protective knee pads, a multitude of pockets for safe storage and of course the extra visibility that is so very important.


Black Cargo Trousers With Knee Pads – From Protec Direct

Made with polyester and cotton these impressive trousers from Protec Direct offer excellent protection and versatility. They have also been reinforced to offer extra durability and feature larger Velcro pockets. Their more muted look also makes them a great choice for people looking for work trousers that are a little less bulky looking as well.


Dickies Eisenhower Max Trouser – From Hall-Fast Industrial Supplies

The perfect choice for people looking for something with a little extra thickness and strength. These work trousers have thicker more expansive knee pads and extra pockets for safe storage as well. Other impressive features include hem guards, holster pockets and reflective piping. With these work trousers, you’ll be sure to keep your legs and knees fully protected.

So, that’s a look at just some of the many different options you have when it comes to work trousers with knee pads. Many industries will require you to wear work trousers like these as a matter of safety and as you can see you have plenty of options available to suit all budgets. So, if you need a new pair of work trousers with knee pads these should give you a great starting point.